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The Healing World of Cake

Those who have entered the world of cake will tell you they did so because of reality TV shows like Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes, Cupcake Wars, and even Nailed it! Others say they wanted to take up a new hobby, needed extra cash, or were looking for a career change. Yet, some say they wanted to save money on a cake, and as a result, they decided to try their hand at baking. In contrast, a few were handed down the family business. For me, it was none of the above.

Unfortunately, my interest in cakes came at an incredibly low point in my life. My state of mind and my overall wellbeing was becoming more and more fragile. I couldn't concentrate, sleep ran from me... Moreover, I was easily irritated and anxious. That negative voice in my head had no off button or volume control. Although I had sought out a professional in such matters, I wanted to help myself. I needed relief. Something to keep my mind temporarily busy. So, as a form of self-therapy, I decided to take a Buttercream Cake Mastery Course.

Now, this class wasn't really what I had in mind. As far as I was concerned, I didn't have the skills to deal with cakes. I was more interested in decorating their little cousins, aka: cupcakes. The eve of my class arrived. I got there so early that from outside the shop window, I could see the owner happily and busily preparing the things for the class. I decided to meander through our small downtown to kill time and clear my mind. Upon my return, another student had arrived, until finally the time came for cake bootcamp.

Each week, our teacher would give us cake assignments to complete. The last day, she showed us a two-tier cake that had been freshly crumb coated and chilled in the freezer. Somehow, she was going to magically transform it into a 3D sculpted cake of a milk pitcher and accented with detailed gum paste flowers. I was mesmerized. How can a cake be made to simulate an ordinary object? From that day forward, I became enthralled with the cake world. I spent hours soaking up information, watching cake guru after cake guru, and even looking at Pinterest feeds and continuously scrutinizing YouTube tutorials. Eventually, I worked up the courage to take additional classes.

I observed cake artists painstakingly sculpting and carving away pieces of cake until an eerily realistic compilation of real-life objects slowly materialized. I was captivated by images of gravity defying cakes that required internal support structure. Picture a bowl of ramen noodles wrapped around mysteriously mid-air suspended chopsticks, a life-sized cake of your pet dog, luxury brand-named purses or high-end cars—it's all possible when talented cake artists put their minds to it.

I soon realized my artistic background, design skills, ability to work with my hands, and attention to detailed meant that I could create my own bespoke cakes. Yes, my emotional well being is still marred, but cake sculpting, fondant making, and problem solving allow me to escape for a bit. It's a wonderful feeling when people are amazed by my handiwork. All the more fun is the shock and surprise on their faces when they're informed that it's all cake!